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Paper Slitter Rewinders

The common traditional paper slitter rewinder consists of machine frame, transmission system, unwinding and rewinding mechanism and tension control device, traction system, slitting knife holder, waste edge rewind and discharge device. It is to slit the jumbo roll paper raw materials into several independent narrow width units, its working principle is to put the paper raw materials on the unwind unit, air shaft end is equipped with magnetic powder tension controller to constant tension required by the paper materials, and then through a pair of rubber rollers to traction of paper materials, cut into a number of strips by the blade. And then through each guide roller pass to A, B rewinding shaft for rewind into finished roll products. Its transmission is driven by the main motor to traction rubber rollers and rewinding shaft synchronous operation to achieve the purpose of traction and finished products rewind materials.

1. Slitting machine frame body and transmission system: The frame is composed of left and right wall board and support block and material unwinding unit. Transmission system is mainly used for traction of raw materials, finished products, it is by frequency conversion stepless speed control motor will power through the motor V-belt to make traction rubber roller operation, the main traction rubber roller and driven traction rubber roller close and synchronous operation of traction of raw materials feeding, through the active traction roller drive the lower circular knife shaft synchronous operation to achieve better slitting requirements, through the lower circular knife shaft drive rewinding A and rewinding B synchronous operation, so as to achieve the purpose of rewinding materials. So can realize the rewinding purpose.

2. Rewinding mechanism and its tension device: The rewinding mechanism mainly consists of chains, synchronous wheels, magnetic powder clutches, and air shafts. A single motor controls the operation of the two rewinding shafts. As long as the current of the magnetic powder clutch is adjusted, the tension value of the rewinding shafts can be changed.

3. Traction system: The traction system mainly consists of a pair of traction rubber rollers and several hard-oxidized aluminum rollers, which can be used to draw and collect the raw materials for the finished products. Its power comes from the motor through the V-belt to the active traction rubber rollers to make it runs.

4. Slitting knife system: Slitting knife system has round knife slitting, straight knife slitting. Operate the handle through the plane cam can make the round knife for a small amount of axial movement to adjust the upper circular knife edge and down knife gap.

5. Trim edge rewinding and discharge: the trimmed edge side is discharged through the air duct with the wind of the blower, also can be rewind into rolls by edge side rewinder device.

6. Unwinding mechanism and automatic web guide: unwind mechanism mainly consists of air shaft, support block, cylinder, base, left and right moving body, etc. Automatic EPC device: photoelectric eye, deflection guide roller, left and right support, deflection moving plate, ball nut and screw, synchronous motor and left and right limit switch.


With the development of new technology, the new paper slitters now adopt more advanced control system, servo control or frequency conversion motor drive, PLC and touch screen control to achieve automatic tension controlling, high speed working, flat rewinding roll surface, and smooth paper rewinding tension. Kingsun paper slitting and rewinding machine adopts world famous brand components, stable and reliable, we can customize the paper roll slitting machine to meet your special material cutting needs.


We combining the latest technology with our 30+ years of manufacturing experience, to research and manufacture high quality paper slitters, we have over 50 different models of slitting machines to fit for slitting kraft paper, cardboard paper, thermal paper, craft paper, label paper etc, our paper slitter rewinders sold to 70+ countries and we continue to develop more advanced slitting equipment to meet various customer’s requirements, our selling price is most competitive but with high quality and good after sale service, so it is well accepted by converting company around the world.

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