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How to get to Wenzhou Kingsun Machinery Company:

1.  It is quite convenient for you visit us,if you take airplane, there are many flights from Shanghai,Beijing,Guangzhou or Hongkong to Wenzhou city(Zhejiang province) , our city only has one airport which name is Longwan International Airport. If you take the flight from Shanghai Pudong international airport, it takes only about 50 minutes, by the way, Shanghai has another airport which name is Hongqiao airport, mainly it is domestic airport but with a few international flights. We will pick up you from Wenzhou Longwan International  airport.

2.  If you take fast train from Shanghai, there are many trains from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Wenzhou city, (It is same building with Hongqiao airport, also called as Shanghai Hongqiao Hub. From Shanghai Pudong international airport to Hongqiao airport takes about 1.5 hours by taxi or airport bus, it will take about 2 hours if by subway), normally it need about 3:30 to 5 hours to reach Wenzhou South railway station, we will pick up you there in fast train station.

3.  If you take coach, it need 6-7 hours from Shanghai to Wenzhou, due to language communication problem, we don’t suggest you take coach if first time travel to China, only if go together with our people.

Recommended Hotels:

Our company will help you book the hotels and get agreement favourable room rate for you, for those who need to book online or your local travel agent, we would like to suggest the following hotels for your reference. Of course there are many different star hotels with various room rate, if you have any requirements for the hotel, please feel free to contact our sale staff, they will take care it for you. About the food, maybe it is quite difficult for foreign friends to order local food, because Chinese food not only it is very delicious but also it is too many different kinds, it doesn’t mean all kinds of food you will like it, so just feel free to tell our sale colleagues, we will take care and satisfy for you, as a result, you will enjoy Chinese food and have a nice and comfortable stay here.

  Wenzhou Dynasty Hotel(4 star)
 Shangri-La Hotel Wenzhou(5 star)
 Wenzhou Wanhao Grand Hotel(4 star) 
 Sheraton Wenzhou Hotel (5 star)


Nearby Attractions:

Wenzhou city well known by its beautiful mountains and rivers, such as Yangdang Mountains, Nanxijiang River, Dongtou Sea Island,Jiangxinyu Island,etc. It is also a commercial city famous for shoes, germents, glasses,valves,hardwares,printing packaging and many others. No matter travelling or for business, Kingsun Machinery is always your good partner in China.