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Post Printing Machines

Kingsun company as a professional leading China post printing machine or post-press equipment manufacturer & supplier, we have 19 factories to produce various kind of post press equipment in different grade, since year 1995, one of founder of Kingsun company Mr.Mike Li already has been working in this field, so our team accumulated lots of experience in the field of post-press converting equipment,if you tell us your idea about the post-printing system you want, we can provide you suitable type at affordable price and with top level quality. You can feel free to let us know your budget or specific requirement, we will do all our best to guarantee you to get your most satisfied and reliable post-press converting system. On this website, it maybe not list all the equipment we can supply,that doesn't means we don't have it,We are not only sell our own factory machines, also we organized full range products related with post printing, so that you can get all you need from one stop, to save your time and money, we take care of everything from before sale, quality inspection and after sale service or if your travelling to China, Kingsun energetic team always ready for providing you the best services. 

This series post press equipment includes most of equipment after offset printing, such as industrial thermal laminating machines, UV coating machines, paper embossing machines, die cutting machines, hot foil stamping machines, flute laminators, box folder gluers, window patching machines, binding machines etc, many others machines which for post press converting, if you have any questions or anything need, please don't hesitate to send us an inquiry now.