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Hard Cover Making Machines

The automatic hard cover making machine generally adopts Feida as automatic paper feeding structure, the whole action is fully pneumatic controlled, the structure is simple and reasonable. The width adjustment of paper stacking platform and paper transmission platform adopts center concentric adjustment, so can keep the high precision of finish products.
It is kind of professional automation equipment for production of hard book cover, notebook, box cover, calendar, desk calendar, file folder cover etc. Paper raw material: coated paper, special paper, laminated paper, synthetic paper, cloth, etc. Material: cardboard, plywood, corrugated paper, veneer, plastic board and other hard boards.
Automatic case maker machine is mainly composed of gluing mechanism, surface paper, cardboard, middle strip board, paper conveying mechanism, edge wrapping and corner wrapping mechanism, pressing and conveying mechanism, etc. It completes all the work from transmission to hard cover finishing.

As one of China leading manufacturer and supplier of automatic hard cover making machines ,automatic or semi-automatic case makers, Kingsun produces full types of automatic hard cover making machines & automatic case makers, so you can choose different hard cover & case making equipment at affordable price but in top quality, we all choose world top quality components for machine controlling. You can feel free to let us know your requirements so can get your most suitable models automatic case makers. 

We are always ready here for providing you the most best service and favorable price. Our factory has 25+ more years to manufacture hard cover and rigid box making machines and gluing machine etc. Contact us today to get more information!