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UV Imprint Machine

This UV coating and embossing machine special designed for security film and other kind of optical film embossing. So can achieve a special design or patten on the surface of the film. As a professional manufacturer supplier, we provide customization solutions for our clients, please contact us now to discuss your unique requirement for UV embossing.

This machine embosses patterns or designs into the surface of the film, equipped with a UV curing process that utilizes a high-intensity ultraviolet light to cure or harden the embossed areas of the film, this ensures that the embossed patterns are durable and will not fade or wear off over time. It allows for the customization of the security features based on the customer's requirements, making it a versatile and effective solution for anti-counterfeiting and product protection.

Applicable to producing TFT-LED film, brightening film, diffusion film, optical film, and micro-lens reflective film such as ultra-strong reflective film in traffic safety and protection, engineering-grade reflective film and commercial- grade reflective film,

To well understand your specific needs, we kindly request you to provide us with more detailed data regarding the materials you work with, such as material width and material thickness, if available any pictures of your finished products will be helpful, this information will allow us to tailor our solution to your needs accurately.