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Holographic Label Making Machine

As China leading hologram label sticker embossing machine manufacturer and supplier, Kingsun Machinery company produces complete set of hologram sticker machines, it included master plate making machine, electroforming machine, hologram label embossing machine, coating and laminating machine and label die cutting machine etc. You can feel free to let us know your requirements so can get your most cost-effective and reliable equipment for hologram label sticker making. We are ready here for providing you the best hologram label machines.

This series hologram label sticker embossing machine able to produce labels or stickers with holographic designs, aimed to transfer the holographic image onto a film or paper substrate which can then be die cut and shaped into labels, it produces highly realistic and vivid 3D images that offer an immersive experience for viewers. Widely used in various industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage to enhance brand identity and prevent counterfeiting. We offer total solutions for this type hologram label sticker, including machines, master plate, raw materials etc. Feel free to let us know your requirement, no mater 2d or 3d hologram, we can customize a best hologram sticker solution for you.