Paper roll to sheet cutting machine

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Paper roll to sheet cutting machine story

Jafar took over the business of paper roll to sheet cutting from his father in 2015. He first went to China in 2016 and got the machine he was looking for. They were using an Indian paper roll to sheet cutting machine which was too simple to cope with the increasing demand of customers. The father and son decided to purchase a Chinese rotary paper cutter and visited several paper roll to sheet cutting machine manufacturers to compare the quality and prices. They also assessed the level of professionalism and language comfort of each manufacturer.

The main purpose of a paper roll to sheet cutting machine is to cut the material that will be used to make the products. These products include duplex board, wrapping paper, packaging materials, plastic films, non-woven fabric, wax coated paper, and other similar materials. The machine also uses servo control motor to cut a fixed length of paper. In addition, it has a web guide and a photocell for automatic length adjustment. The machine can cut up to 40 tons of paper per day. It features an automatic up and down platform and can be used with different paper rolls.

The paper roll to sheet cutting machine has a device that uses three air knives to trim the paper. So, the big width web can be cut into two pieces, and the edge site trimmed. Once the finished sheet is cut, the machine will automatically cut the paper into desired size. A paper roll to sheet cutting machine is an essential piece of equipment for the paper converting industry.

The KS-A series cut-size sheeter is the perfect choice for medium-sized businesses. It has multiple options and can cut A4 and A3 copy paper as well as loose leaves. The machine is highly automated and has a minimum order size of one pallet. It is easy to maintain and can be used in small to medium production runs. If you require an economical machine for small to medium-sized jobs, you can also opt for a KS-B series cut-size sheeter.

A KS-M paper sheeter cutter can cut up to 1500mm diameter and 1900 kg. Its comprehensive range of automatic roll to sheet cutting machines makes it possible to find the right machine for your needs. You can buy a KINGSUN automatic roll to sheet cutting machine online website. There are many benefits to choosing a KINGSUN brand machine. It is easy to operate and is highly customizable. So, whether you are looking for an economic or high end automatic machine, you can be sure to find the right one for your needs.

The ream of paper is usually made up of 500 sheets of a specific size. Each ream is made by adding a specialized auxiliary equipment called a furnish. It is also used to make a denser and more durable paper than the calendar. A machine's resistance to tearing is expressed in g/m2 and is measured in the force required to tear a strip of paper under standard conditions.

Since that, Jafar’s company expanding step by step, now they have three sets paper sheeter machine in their factory, and one day works two shifts, he said, since cooperated with Kingsun team, he is lucky and got all good support, so it is quite smooth with their business in recent year, he hope he can set up another factory for paper converting business in other city soon.