Advantage of Automatic Flatbed Die Cutters

Date:2014-10-11 12:28:13 click:1326


Advantage of Automatic Flatbed Die Cutters

1. Die cutter speed: Flatbed Automatic Die Cutter speed is very fast, compare with the traditional hand feed clam shell die cutter the speed several times faster.

2. Feeding height and feed size: the larger the size feeding means flatten broader applicability cutting machine, cut out once more the product.

3. Feed ways: The traditional way is to transport to the conveyor belt, I produced a paper with automatic suction device, capable of cutting many different types of cardboard.

4. Stability: uniform cutting speed, cutting pressure is stable, high cutting accuracy.

5. Security: using automatic feed mode, the operation safer so protect safety.

6. Wide range of applications: In addition to the ordinary cardboard, you can also die-cutting corrugated, laminated paper, plastic sheet and so on. So it is quite popular for packaging making industry.