Features and Types of Semi-automatic Flatbed Die Cutters

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                           Features and Types of Semi-automatic Flatbed Die Cutters

Semi-automatic flatbed die cutters are special equipment for printing & packaging industry to manufacturing cartons, cardboard boxes and other paper products. It can be of a variety of paperboard, the thickness of the corrugated plate of 5mm or less, and for all the high pressure die-cutting fine print material, creasing, embossing. After die cutting & creasing of cardboard, by hand or mechanically removed along waste edge material, it can folding gluing into a variety of cartons, boxes, or form into a label stickers.

Semi-automatic Flatbed Die Cutter types: die cutting creasing machine according to different imprint forms, mainly divided into rotary to rotary, rotary to flat and flatbed to flatbed three types. According to the form of die-cut board placement it can be divided into vertical and horizontal types.

According to the degree of automation it has manual (semi-automatic) and automatic two kinds. With the rapid development of the printing and packaging industry, the size of the business continues to expand. Automatic platen die cutting machine application will continue to expand in global market.

Process action of semi-automatic flatbed die-cutter is mainly two-steps: First, take the cardboard paper in place, and second, two cutting-bed close for die-cutting.