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Honeycomb Paper Machine

Kraft honeycomb paper cutting machine introduction

Honeycomb paper cutting making machine introduction:

This honeycomb paper making machine is specially designed for making honeycomb paper, it can cut roll kraft paper into a horizontal point break line by rolling and cutting, and collect it into a roll after surface rewinding, the roll after rewinding can be used for express buffer packaging, it also can be used for the middle buffer layer of the package. It is completed from unwinding to rewinding in one process time.

Usage of the honeycomb kraft paper products:

Honeycomb wrap paper can be an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to plastic bubble film for cushioning packaging after pulling apart. It is easy to stretch, soft, elastic and dissipates heat. It can give cushion protection to the packaged items and make its surface scratch-free. The honeycomb paper produced by this machine can be used to pack fruits, flowers, ceramics, glass, and other easy damaged items.