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PVC Label Making Machines

We have more than 20 years’ experience specialized in shrink sleeve label machine, our company supplies high quality PVC or PET film heat shrink label machines includes sleeve label seaming machine and shrink sleeve label inspection machine, it is fit for making shrink label for bottles or other containers, you can feel free to let us know your technical specification required, then we will offer you the most cost-effective shrink sleeve label machine. Send us an inquiry for details now!

Shrink sleeve labels are becoming an increasingly popular choice for packaging solutions across a range of different industries. These labels consist of a plastic film that is shrunk around the product container, providing a tamper-proof and visually appealing finish. They can be applied to a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including bottles, cans, and jars, making them a versatile option for packaging designers and manufacturers. One of the most significant benefits of using shrink sleeve labels is that they provide full 360-degree coverage of the product container. This means that there are no gaps or seams in the label, which makes it ideal for products that require high-quality branding and marketing. Shrink sleeves offer maximum visibility for product branding, as the entire surface area is available for design and messaging. The use of high-quality graphics and colors can enhance the visual appeal of the product, making it stand out on the shelf and attract customers. Another benefit of shrink sleeves is that they offer excellent protection to the product container. The material used in the label is durable and can withstand temperature changes, humidity, and other environmental factors. This makes shrink sleeve labels ideal for products that require protection during transportation, storage, and handling. Additionally, the use of shrink sleeve labels provides an extra layer of security, as it is virtually impossible to remove the label without it being torn or damaged. This feature makes shrink sleeves an excellent choice for products that require tamper-evident packaging. One of the unique features of shrink sleeves is that they can be custom designed to fit any product container. This means that packaging designers have more flexibility with their designs, as they can work with a range of shapes and sizes. In addition, shrink sleeves can be printed using a range of printing techniques, such as flexography, UV printing, and gravure printing. This allows for greater design options and flexibility in color choices and graphics.

In summary, shrink sleeve label become popular for container packaging, to make this label it need high quality shrink sleeve seaming machine, or gluing machine, after gluing it also need quality checking machine or shrink sleeve label inspection machine, then you can delivery the finished shrink sleeve label to your clients in rolls or sheets. In case you have any special designs please tell us, we can work out the solution for you. Contact us today!