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Hot Melt Coating Machines

We are China hot melt coating machine manufacturer and supplier, Kingsun Machinery provides different models hot melt coating machines, affordable price with high quality, which fit for production of label stock, special materials need coating process. Please feel free to let us know your requirement so can offer you most suitable and reliable hot melt coating machines. We are always ready here for providing you the best service and solutions for hot melt coating technology.

The hot melt coating machine has the function of automatic web guide, auto tension control and heating control, no drying oven is needed for hot melt adhesives, low energy consumption, solvent-free and pollution-free, so the operator is easier to work on it. The machine uses hot melt adhesive, it is a kind of solid adhesive at room temperature, no solvent, no water, when heating at a specific temperature it will melt polymer, the temperature reaches the melting point to a certain extent to flow and a certain degree of viscosity of the liquid adhesive. It can fit for coating and lamination label stock, clotch,non-woven product or other special materials etc.

We supply various type of design and structure to fit for your hot melt glue coating production, custom made and adopts latest world technology, by extrusion coating or roller coating, please feel free to contact us for more details. Here you can get the coating equipment what you really need.