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Coating and Laminating Machines

The coating and laminating machine line consists of unwinding, coating head, drying oven, second unwinding, laminating and rewinding unit, also includes a centralized control center etc. The production line is equipped with tension control device, corona treatment device, online thickness detection instrument, explosion-proof device, etc., as required by users.

Kingsun company has over 25 years professional for supplying the multi-function adhesive coating and laminating machine. We got huge experience to research, develop, design, and manufacture the coating production lines, to fit for buyers’ materials and real production needs. We can provide all the solutions for paper or film coating applications. Our coating machines can fit for production of silicone paper, paper or film label stock, hot stamping foil, adhesive tape, PE protection film, optical film, and high-barrier material etc. No matter you use water base glue, solvent base glue or hot melt adhesive etc, please you can feel free to let us know your idea or specific requirement, from us you can get your most suitable and reliable adhesive coating equipment. We are always ready for providing you the best coating technology. Choose us, it means you choose the China number one coating machine supplier, we only provide high quality top reliable coating lines. 

What kind of information you need to provide us for make a quotation for the coating line:

1) The final products you want to produce, base material name;

2) The max width of materials, diameter;

3) Type of adhesive or chemical, solid content ratio, how many grams or thickness need to coat per square meter; The ideal coating method you know;

4) What kind of drying method you prefer: conduction oil heating, gas burner hot air; steam heating, electric heating etc; Range of temperature needed for the tunnel;

5) What speed would you prefer, it depends on the length of drying tunnel;

With above primary information, we will make a design for your reference, then discuss to finalize the last specification.

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