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SGFM-1100A Automatic Thermal Film Laminators

SGFM-1100A Automatic Thermal Film Laminators

SGFM-1100A Automatic Thermal Laminator is advanced model for thermal film or gluess film laminating, which is ideal thermal laminator for high capacity production.

SGFM-1100A Automatic Thermal Laminator


1.  Automatic paper feeder with oil-free vacuum pump to ensure the automatic paper feeding.

2.  Man- machine interface system: color touch screen, easy for operation; it realizes automatic operation after directly data input for paper size, overlap length and working speed, working status can be tracked via the screen.

3.  Automatic paper feeding system equipped with photocell detector and machine automatic stops to self- protection while short of paper, dual paper or paper breaks.

4.  Conveying table with air aspirator and front guide to ensure paper conveying and overlap to be stable and neat, and improve the lamination precision as well.

5.  Built-in oil heating system ensures lamination temperature constantly and makes it precise while for the lamination.

6.  Automatic hydraulic system ensures the stable pressure and the lamination quality.

7.  Air shaft convenient for film loading & unloading, and accurate for film release.

8.  Film shaft equipped with braking device to control the tension and speed of the film.

9.  Pneumatic cutting system realizes automatic paper cutting after paper size data input.

10. Paper delivery unit equipped with corrugating paper pressing system which well handles those thin paper.

Main technical specifications:



Max paper size

1100 x 1200mm

Min paper size

300 x 300mm

Working speed


Total power


Overall dimensions

9000 x 2260 x 1900mm



Post printing finishing system: automatic thermal film laminators.

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