Flatbed automatic die-cutters

Date:2014-09-27 11:42:40 click:1371

Flatbed automatic die-cutters

BOBST is world Number 1 supplier of flat bed automatic die cutting machine.

Flat bed die-cutting go hand in hand, after all BOBST did invent the technology with their first Autoplaten press, the AP 900, introduced back in 1940. From that pioneering die-cutter, right up to today’s highly sophisticated production lines, BOBST has continuously developed and improved the technology of the flat bed die-cutting process.

BOBST have achieved this by listening to the feedback of customers, by investing heavily in research and development, and by accumulating unmatched skills and experience among BOBST people.

The BOBST range of flat bed die-cutters (also called cutter-creasers or punching machines in some countries) is the most extensive available in the market and offers a wide choice of productivity and automation levels, in press widths ranging from a compact 76cm (30”) to an impressive 2.1m (82”). Each of the machines in the range offers a level of reliability, versatility, and performance that closely matches the needs of a particular industrial sector or type of business.

BOBST flatbed die-cutters means high quality and high value, if your budget is no problem, the first choice is BOBST.