A4 Copy Paper Production Line

Date:2023-09-26 10:01:52 click:355

To set up an A4 copy paper production line just like the other business, you will need enough investment to prepare the raw materials, machine and factory facility etc.

Prepare for the raw material, the material for A4 paper is standard paper roll with density 70gsm-80gsm.

Choose a location: select a suitable location that is easily accessible, with available infrastructure and utilities such as electricity, factory site: 10 x15M working area needed for the line 10-12 reams/min; 25 x18M working area needed for the line 30-35 reams/min. This is only the machine space. Of course, you need to prepare much more space for stock the paper and final products.

Hire personnel: determine the required staff for the production line and hire qualified personnel, for example, 3-4 operators needed for the speed of 10 reams/min; 4-5 workers needed for speed 35 reams/min.

Set a budget and compare the prices of different A4 paper cutting machines within that budget, choose the one that best fulfills your requirements and fits within your budget, as there are different models with different capacities resulted in different costs of machines.

Purchase an A4 cutting machine and an A4 paper wrapping machine; the A4 cutting machine aimed to cross cut roll paper into A4 sized sheet paper; determine the right machine model according to actual production output per minute or per hour; for instance, machine able to produce 10 reams/min, 20 reams/min, 25 reams/min, 30 reams/min, 35 reams/min and 40 reams/min; to ensure its respective capacity, machines can be built in 1 roll, 2 rolls, 4 rolls and 5 rolls; the A4 paper wrapping paper aimed to wrap the ream paper of 500 sheets A4 sized into a BOPP double sided sealable film or into a BOPP laminated paper, ensuring it is moisture-proof, easy for handling and convenient for storage and during the transportation.