Hologram Sticker Production

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Holographic Sticker Label Making Machines

How to make the hologram sticker or hologram label?

Brief introduction:
We Kingsun Machinery provide with all full sets of holographic label sticker making equipment, from very beginning of master plate making to the finished sheet label sticker, we offer full holographic technology, all necessary technical support, such as installation commissioning and training for the customers, and solution formular for the equipment, so that the customers can fully understand the equipment and well handle it during the operation.
Depending on your actual situation, you can get it started from all these full sets of equipment or you can select it one or two of them to add it to your current production line, or to save cost for a new starter you can start it with the electroforming machine and embossing machine, in that case we will make the master for you and you can duplicate the working shim from the electroforming machine then, so that you can have your hologram sticker business faster and bring the benefits for you quicker then.
Kindly find this holographic sticker label production line includes six equipment, they are: 1. Laser holographic dot-matrix machine, 2. Electroforming machine, 3. Compact recombination machine, 4. Equidistant embossing machine, 5. Coating and laminating machine, 6. Die cutting machine
For more machine details, kindly find it as below:
1. Laser holographic dot-matrix machine, equipment to make the master plate by using a laser beam to create holographic images and texts in a dot-matrix pattern. The laser beam is directed onto the film or plate, creating a series of dots that form a holographic image. These dots are arranged in a dot-matrix pattern for precision and accuracy. The result is a visually striking and secure image that can be used for a range of purposes.
This digital laser holographic lithography plate-making system is an intelligent design and production system, with dynamic image processing and control system. The letter and image can be designed in dynamic lattice image, which shaped into round, square, diamond, multi-layer or curve and to be made as the original master, the laser image is dynamic in any viewing angle under any light.

2. Electroforming machine, equipment to duplicate the working shim from the master plate. There is an electroforming tank that is filled with an electrolyte solution, and an anode is placed in the solution. When an electric current is passed through the solution, metal ions are transferred from the anode to the substrate, this electroforming process will form the master original shim or small sized hologram nickel shim for recombination.

This electroforming machine is essential equipment for the production of holographic laser stickers, with high fidelity and high duplication ability, ensuring the high-quality working plate & master plate for the next step of the recombination and die cutting, with high frequency DC input.

This electroforming machine consists of electroforming tank for the electro-deposition of the nickel and the controller, able to conduct the electric current, when the deposition is finished, it is able to separate the newly duplicated nickel hologram working shim from the nickel master plate.

3. Compact recombination machine, equipment to recombine the master into a broad width size. This recombination machine to fix the small pieced hologram nickel onto the die mold head, and press it onto the PC sheet to get big sized plastic holographic master, after this recombination, we get a bigger sized PC sheet with 2D/3D hologram effect onto it and we go back to electroforming machine to get a big sized original holographic master. This compact recombination machine is PLC automatic controlled, ensuring the positioning, derangement, inclination, spacing can be automatically and precisely arrange; precision up to 0.01mm, ensuring there is no seam on the plate; able to achieve the best effect of the plate; this compact recombination machine is easy for operation, high precise recombination, with a stable and reliable performance; equipped with anti-static dust removal, realizing a neat and clear surface of the plate.

4. Equidistant embossing machine, equipment to create the holographic effect in an equidistant gap on the holographic film. This equidistant technology ensures that the holographic design is evenly spaced across the entire surface of the substrate, so all the finished product sharing an equal gap in between images then, this is the great solution to the further position registration, making the registration and die-cutting position highly in precision.

This equidistant embossing machine is PLC automatic controlled, with unwinding automatic web guide controlled, intelligent temperature controlled, automatic stop while shim breaks or film breaks, shim roller made of specially treated steel, with surface chromed and mirror treated, full rotary, effective solutions to the positioning labels, this equidistant embossing machine makes it easier while for positioning registration, continuous positioning labels punching and the sequent processes as positioning labelling.

5. Coating and laminating machine, equipment to make a glue coating on the silicon paper and then laminate it with the laser holographic film. This coating and laminating machine is specially designed to laminate the holographic PET film with the silicon paper (the liner paper) by the adhesive glue.

This coating and laminating machine with electric heating system and hot air circulation system, ensuring an even glue coating and a smooth surface after its laminating between the silicon paper and the laser holographic film.

It mainly composed of unwinding on silicon paper, glue coating, drying, wetting; the other unwinding on holographic film, laminating unit for the paper and the film and finally the rewinding.

6. Die cutting machine, equipment to cut labels from a roll into the sheet. This die cutting machine applicable to die-cutting self-adhesive material for PET metalized label and also good for the die cutting of  the other paper label, this die cutting machine is PLC automatic controlled, able to track the position of register mark by the photocell sensor, with high precision for feeding and cutting based on flat-bed system, the built-in electric photocell sensors to position the printed logo and the holographic sticker by both sides and the vertical way that make die cutting, waste edge paper rewinding, sheeting all these procedures finished in one stop, ensuring a neat smooth and precise sheet.

With all above mentioned machines, you can produce the hologram sticker label. If you have any comments, please contact us freely.