What are the customers more care about?

Date:2017-10-24 07:50:16 click:2484

Kingsun machinery has established good relationship with thousands buyers from all around the world since 12 year ago. After we talk with many of our buyers, they said when they decide to buy equipment from China they are more care about the following points:

1) If our payment is safe or not: As you know there are some suppliers in Alibaba or Made-in-China, or many other B2B website, just one people show or two people show, no permanent physical address,but self-boast a big company,maybe they offer you very low price or promise all the things you asked, but after you send out the payment maybe they will never reply you or send goods.

2) If we can get the good quality equipment: To sell machine is not just like to sell one pair of shoes or some simple goods, so you need to find the professional company to cooperate with. Some time to find some factory doesn't mean you can get good quality equipment, because the communication always problem, most of China factory owner doesn't speak English or other language, what you think or requirment will be changed after get to his ear. Though some of them have saleman but not real understand machine technology. So to find a person who know the industry well and really can help you to keep an eye on it, for example,to check the production process,machine testing,pre-shipment arrangement,so this is more important than just to find a factory in China. 

3) If the price is good or not: Some buyers thought that if they find the factory directly then they can get much better price or better service, in fact this thought is almost misunderstand. When you do business in China, no matter big or small order, factory doesn't offer the best price for you though they will say it orally.Sometime if you cut the price too much they will change the parts or materials, so be careful lowest price not means you win the order.As far as our more years experience, you need to think what is the purpose to buy the equipment,it is for future production to make more money, if you think so then you will not just care about small  price difference. In fact we need to more care to get good equipment so can production smoothly and earn more profit.

4) If we can get good after sale service: As we all know, to get the after sale service is most important, because the equipment normally need new installation or change parts after few years, to get a reliable company to cooperate is key point. Everyone don't like to have trouble for the equipment just few months. So solid technical support and consistent good  service is quite necessary for you.

Kingsun machinery company takes more care about our customers, we are the right person you are looking for,as a trust and reliable professional partner,to cooperate with us,means better price,better technical service and long term friend relationship!